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May 30, 2014

New Homes in Partnership Scheme

MKPLA Chairman Alex Caravello has been working closely over the last few months to improve the council’s offering to Private Landlords.  MK has an ever increasing gap between those properties available to rent and those needed.  This problem is particularly acute in the LHA market as many landlords and agents prefer not to accept tenants on benefits due to perceived problems in working with this sector.

MK Council appreciates that it needs to offer something more to landlords if it is to attract them back into this market and their new Homes in Partnership Scheme is designed to do this.  Whilst it will not be for everyone, it does go some way to addressing the concerns that landlords typically have when accepting a benefits tenant. Follow the link below for more details.


January 31, 2014

MKPLA Members Meeting 20/2/2014

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The next Members Only meeting of the Milton Keynes Private Landlords Association will be held at the David Lloyd Leisure Club at 7pm on 20th February 2014.  As well as hearing from our speakers, the evening will give members the opportunity to network and share experienced and challenges.  The ticket price includes light refreshments.

This months meeting will start with a short summary of the final consultation report from ORS on the proposed implementation of Additional and Selective Licensing.

This will be followed by the main presentation for the night which will focus on Fire Safety; the history of Legislation affecting the PRS, how to ensure best practice and some of the common pitfalls and misunderstandings.  Our speaker, Tony Bennett, was for many years a Team Leader for Bucks Fire and Rescue Service and had responsibility for assessing fire safety for MK Council. Since 2011 he has been working as a freelance consultant on both residential and commercial property. All landlords have a basic duty of care to their tenants so this is an extremely important area to understand.

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January 25, 2014

MK Council looking to buy houses for homeless families?

The BBC has reported on Milton Keynes proposals to buy more houses in order to fulfil its statutory obligations for housing homeless families. Suggested suitable areas for this project for are the Lakes Estate and Stantonbury. Read the full story by clicking on the link below.


Regarding these proposals, the committee of MKPLA can confirm that, in meetings they have attended, the idea appears to have limited cross party support.  However, councillors are definitely looking for a workable solution to this crisis; which includes the possibility of working more effectively with the private rented sector.

December 11, 2013

MK Housing & Communities Select Committee Meeting

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Steve Jarman of the ORS was  given 15 minutes  at this meeting on 10/12/2013 to present the Executive Summary of his report on the results of the Public Consultation into Selective and Additional Licensing. Several members of the MKPLA Committee were present to hear his presentation.

Basically, his report will say that there is no evidence to support introducing Selective Licensing and, although there may be some evidence to support Additional Licensing, there is not enough to actually justify doing it. He said that this evidence could empower MKC to conduct a further, more in-depth consultation on HMO’s, but his evidence in itself cannot be used to justify bringing in Additional Licensing without it being challenged. MKC must demonstrate ASB problems and a direct causal link to HMOs and low demand for housing.

Steve Jarman also stressed the point that MKC must show that they have taken a number of other measures to tackle ASB in HMOs before they can introduce Additional Licensing under Section 57 of the Housing Act 2004 … and to date they haven’t done enough.

He stated very early in his presentation that his evidence shows a stronger correlation between high ASB and high density of social housing, compared to PRS housing. However, it does show a correlation between high ASB and high density of HMOs. 80% of complaints received by MKC are in relation to HMOs.  He did however say that, overall, MK has a very low ASB problem compared to other areas. Only 6 wards in MK have ASB higher than the average for MK as a whole.

The full draft report won’t be finished for another 2 or 3 weeks and MKC must then allow stakeholders 1 month to comment on the draft report before ORS submit their full report to MKC.  MKPLA will continue to contribute to this process and keep members informed of developments.  We would also like to thank those members who took the time to respond to the Public Consultation and ensure that ORS received a balanced view.



October 2, 2013

We want you to talk to your tenants!

MKPLA has been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that residents of Milton Keynes get a fair chance to respond to the not so public consultation that the council have commissioned into Additional and Selective Licensing.  We believe strongly that this is a decision that will affect EVERY resident and that because of this, regardless of whether their views coincide with ours or not, they should be allowed to have a say.

Unfortunately neither the Council, nor ORS have been very proactive in contacting residents and although the consultation document has been online since July it is not that easy to find, even if you are looking for it!

So MKPLA are asking that you send a copy of the consultation to each and every one of your tenants in time for them to complete it prior to the closing date of 11th October.  To make this easy for you we have written a covering letter which you can enclose that explains why they are being asked to do this.  this letter can be downloaded by clicking here.

All you need to do is download a copy of the survey from the council website from the link below, print it out and post together with the cover letter to each of your tenants.  Return of the form to ORS is FREEPOST so you may want to include an addressed envelope as well to make it as easy as possible for your tenants to participate.


Please note that this is a NEW link as the original one no longer works.  The council has been having work done to its website and this has interfered with the hosting of consultation documents.


July 25, 2013

MKPLA Members Meeting – the Implications of Liscensing Proposals for the PRS

The next Members Only meeting of the Milton Keynes Private Landlords Association will be held at the David Lloyd Leisure Club on 15th August 2013.

Buy tickets NOW by clicking this link.

This months meeting will focus on the implications of recent proposals by MK Council to implement Additional and Selective Licensing for all Private Rental Property in the borough. These proposals affect ALL types of property, including single let flats and family homes so the matter is relevant for all landlords in the area.

Your MKPLA Committee have been closely involved with reviewing the initial proposals and will continue to work with the council throughout the consultation process. Members are strongly urged to attend this meeting in order that they can be informed of latest developments on this important local issue and ensure that their views are properly represented.

As well as hearing from our speakers, the evening will give members the opportunity to network and share experienced and challenges. The ticket price includes light refreshments.

Buy tickets NOW by clicking this link.

October 16, 2012

MKPLA announces first members meeting!

The inaugural, Members Only, meeting of MKPLA will be held on 25th October at 7pm at David Lloyd, Livingstone Drive, Newlands, Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire,MK15 0DL. Be sure to put the date in your diary!

 As this is the first meeting there is a special offer price of only £5 per ticket!!
The meeting will begin with an opportunity to network over coffee. This will be followed by a presentation by James Thurgood of Shakespeares Solicitors who will be talking about Eviction Procedures; with an emphasis on best practice to avoid getting into this situation in the first place!   Members will then have the chance to ask questions of James and some of the MKPLA committee members both on this topic and other areas of concern.
In order to maximise our use of time and enable questions to be addressed properly by the panel we would ask that members submit thier queries by email in advance of the meeting via the MKPLA secretary.
Please book your place ASAP by email to the secretary secretary@mkpla.org.uk so that we are able to ensure enough seats and coffee!
This meeting is members only but if you or your colleagues wish to attend then remember that membership is FREE to all Landlords in Milton Keynes and you only have to go to the website and sign up online. www.mkpla.org.uk


April 18, 2012

New Local Landlords Association launched.

The Milton Keynes Private Landlords Association (MKPLA) was launched on Monday this week at a meeting of landlords from Milton Keynes and the surrounding towns.  Chairperson Alex Caravello highlighted some of the history behind the formation of this new independent Association and then Vice-Chair Jim Parsler spoke about its future aims and objectives.

Milton Keynes is a town which has in may ways a unique housing stock and therefore an independent body who are able to understand and represent the needs of landlords there is essential.  MKPLA will work closely with other housing bodies such as the council and Shelter to promote good practice across the sector.

The association is free to join and more information can be found on their website at http:www.landlordsmk.com

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