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October 2, 2013

We want you to talk to your tenants!

MKPLA has been working hard over the last few weeks to ensure that residents of Milton Keynes get a fair chance to respond to the not so public consultation that the council have commissioned into Additional and Selective Licensing.  We believe strongly that this is a decision that will affect EVERY resident and that because of this, regardless of whether their views coincide with ours or not, they should be allowed to have a say.

Unfortunately neither the Council, nor ORS have been very proactive in contacting residents and although the consultation document has been online since July it is not that easy to find, even if you are looking for it!

So MKPLA are asking that you send a copy of the consultation to each and every one of your tenants in time for them to complete it prior to the closing date of 11th October.  To make this easy for you we have written a covering letter which you can enclose that explains why they are being asked to do this.  this letter can be downloaded by clicking here.

All you need to do is download a copy of the survey from the council website from the link below, print it out and post together with the cover letter to each of your tenants.  Return of the form to ORS is FREEPOST so you may want to include an addressed envelope as well to make it as easy as possible for your tenants to participate.


Please note that this is a NEW link as the original one no longer works.  The council has been having work done to its website and this has interfered with the hosting of consultation documents.



January 21, 2013

Changes to Council Tax Discounts and Exemption

Recent legislation has given local authorities the power to determine classes of Council Tax discount.  This means that different local authorities will be adopting different strategies; the only common thread is that they have to reduce the cost of such subsidies by a minimum of 10%.   Some of the changes will  undoubtedly affect landlords/investors.

In Milton Keynes the Council has adopted the following changes which come into force on 1/4/2013.

Empty Properties
Class C exemption is where a property has been empty (unoccupied and unfurnished) and it currently attracts a 100% exemption for a maximum period of six months. From 01 April 2013 the exemption will be removed and will be replaced with a 100% discount for a maximum period of 1 month, then a nil discount (100% charge) for remaining period.

Uninhabitable Properties
Class A exemption is where a property requires or is undergoing major repair works to render it habitable, or is undergoing structural alterations and it currently attracts a 100% exemption for a maximum period of 12 months. From 01 April 2013 the exemption will be removed and will be replaced with a 50% discount for a maximum period of 12 months.

Read more here >> http://tinyurl.com/bclylju.


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