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October 4, 2012

Wall Insulation for £1 for all Tinkers Bridge Houses!

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Hot off the Press; a very exciting Offer for Householders in Tinkers Bridge, Milton Keynes!!

You may be aware that for some time the energy companies have been required by Government to take a few pence of everyone’s bills and put the money into a fund for projects designed to reduce carbon emissions.  If they don’t spend this money then they actually get fined so they are highly motivated to support suitable initiatives.

One of these is for the provision of external wall insulation/cladding to houses where the construction style does not allow the use of  the usual cavity wall insulation.  The great news is that funding has now been secured for this to be done for all houses on Tinkers Bridge!  This is available to ALL house owners whether residential or landlords, working or on benefits.

The Cladding is applied to the external walls both front and back and finished with a coat of silicon based render which is waterproof and durable (looks like a traditional render but requires no painting!).  The first house has just been completed as a pilot and is available to view – 49 Brent.  We saw it last night and it looks really good.

The primary advantages of this insulation are as follows…

  • Improved insulation which reduces heat loss and reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Lower Energy bills as a result of the improved heat retention.
  • Improved appearance to outside of house.
  • Reduced maintenance compared to the current boarding and no need to paint.
  • It is approved by building control in Milton Keynes and all work is certified
  • Cost for each property is a nominal £1. (retail value of work is approx. £8000)

If you are interested in learning more than please contact John Orr on 07565922368.  The company carrying out the work are Cornerstone Ltd – you can have a look at their website and an explanation of the insulation system on their website here. 

Please note that the projects tend to concentrate on a single area at a time and therefore this funding is not likely to be available for very long.  If you want to take advantage of this offer you need to act now!

(Piggy says “There is some discussion about carrying out similar work in other areas of Milton Keynes; we have been told that tests are already being conducted in Netherfield for example. So if you have solid walled property in other areas then it may still be worth your while making an enquiry.“)


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