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July 2, 2012

No direct payment of rent to Landlords under Universal Credit?

As an active professional landlord I subscribe to several forums for property professionals.  One of the biggest is Property Tribes and I thought the following post was important enough to re-distribute.


I also had this information sent me by the RLA and it is supported by what I and other MKPLA representatives were told at a recent meeting with MK Council Housing Department. It is clear that landlords will have to re-evaluate how they handle tenancies with non-working clients, or indeed whether they accept tenants on benefits at all.


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  1. I too have been following the Property Tribes thread with interest, adding my two pence worth at one point. Whilst WE all know, WE being professional landlords with a vested interest in how these things ”should work”, that Central Government must micro manage every aspect of daily life, it is also a known that they give up at the first hurdle. How the DWP is going to manage this cock up is anyones’ guess but a last minute fudged comprimise will almost inevitably come about when it dawns on them that wised up landlords will have no truck with this policy. Empowering the unwaged with our money has not been the raving success that direct payment LHA was made out to be; giving the feckless and reckless even more money with our bit mixed up in there with all the other benefits, ain’t going to cut it with me, I am afraid.
    Working with the Council and the local Credit Union has been somewhat of a success up till now, in organising direct payments to the LL, in this manner. With money coming direct to the reciprient via DWP and bypassing these two bodies, chaos looms.
    There WILL be an answer to the problem at the last minute, wether you will agree with it and wish to work with it, is another matter indeed.

    Comment by Les Kirkham — July 2, 2012 @ 7:54 pm | Reply

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