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April 17, 2012

What do weight watching and investing in property have in common?

Making money in Property is Simple – just like losing Weight!

The link might not seem obvious at first, but both offer relatively straightforward and easy to understand ways to succeed.  Yet most people get it wrong!

Over half of all Brits are overweight or obese and dieting books are the biggest sellers in the world. And yet almost everyone knows what it takes – don’t eat more than you need and burn off as many calories as you can by exercising. Simple.

Despite this, over half of us in Britain can’t manage this!  Rather than following  consistent good habits which we know will bring results, people look for the latest fad diets and don’t have the discipline or willpower to see it through.  Simple is not the same thing as easy!

If we compare this to property investing it is easy to see how a lack of discipline can prevent you realizing the results you desire.

The investors I know that have done best in property have kept to a fairly straightforward strategy and followed it through over a number of years. They have concentrated on understanding the numbers and focussed on managing cashflow. Simple.

Unfortunately for many that is too slow, sensible and boring – so they look for short cuts. They fall for sales pitches, or fail to understand the basics first before investing –  then after 6-12 months they wonder why they have lost money.

Having a disciplined approach will help you to decide sensible 3-5yr goals for investing in property and avoid becoming distracted by the latest “New Big Thing” or hyped up news story.

(Piggy says ” Property Investment should be treated like any other business. Always do your homework into an area before you invest.  If you need help and advice about property investment then we are always here to help – just contact us  to arrange a free initial consultation.  And remember –   Simple is NOT the same thing as Easy! )


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