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February 8, 2012

Additional liscensing introduced for HMO’s

Oxford City Council have been leading the way in creating additional local legislation for HMO landlords.  Their successful introduction of new schemes under the “localism” legislation has encouraged other councils to follow suit.  Milton Keynes is one of those who have instituted additional requirements for HMO planning under “article 4” which is already making it much more difficult and expensive for private landlords to set up new HMO’s.

Now Oxford have announced that they are bringing in selective liscencing for all Houses in Multiple Occupation.  (National legislation only provides for liscensing of larger shared houses, those with 3 or more storeys and with 5 or more residents).  How long before MK council and others around the country follow suit?

Piggy says ” I’m all in favour of ensuring that accomodation standards are kept high in the Private Rented Sector.  However,  I do worry about introducing additional legislation into an already highly regulated area at a time when the government has just reduced local housing allowance payments to the under 35’s.  A large number of single people are going to be looking for rooms in shared houses as thier benefits are cut and they can no longer afford to pay for flats/studios. If  landlords are discouraged from letting property in this way, will supply keep up with demand?”

To read the entire press release from Oxford click here.


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