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March 13, 2009

Why a professional Business image is your most cost effective marketing tool.

Elaine Boddy of Green and Brown strongly believes that whatever product you sell, whatever service you offer, you will always remain your best and most cost effective marketing tool.  How you present yourself alone could mean the difference between winning business or not, therefore your business image must be carefully considered. By representing your own business, you as a person will always “be the business” to your customers.

(Piggy says – “By helping customers to relate positively to you,  not just your products and services, you can build their trust and retain their loyalty; even in the face of stiff competition and tough financial times.”)

Here are some of Elaine’s top tips for creating a confident business image.

1. Confidence

Dressing with care will create confidence in yourself, and others’ confidence in you. By choosing successful colours and styles of clothes, you “buy” your own confidence and you will be able to present yourself in any situation knowing that you look great, feel great, and can concentrate on the business in hand – not worrying about whether you’ve got your outfit right!

2. First impressions

93% of a first impression is based on appearance alone.  This impression is created within seconds of meeting someone and can affect your entire business relationship. Put yourself the shoes of the person/people you are going to be meeting and imagine what assumptions they will make about you – would you do business with you?

3. Comfort is key

Choose outfits that you are comfortable in; if you feel at all uncomfortable it will affect how you present yourself as well as possibly ruining your day!

4. Draw the right attention

If you are uncomfortable or self conscious and fiddle with an element of your clothing or do anything that will draw the wrong attention, then that is what your client will focus on, not what you are saying or presenting.

5. Relevance

Look at your diary for the day and determine which outfit will be relevant for the meetings that you have. Meeting client expectations is vital, if you do not represent your business in the way that they expect, you may have a much harder job in selling to them.

6. Style not fashion

Choose items that suit you and present you well; business dress is not about fashion, business dress is about you looking  businesslike, and representing yourself and your company positively.  Think of yourself as an asset in your company.

7. Your best accessory: smile

Nothing looks better than a winning smile – and remember: smile and the world smiles with you!


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  1. Your checklist perfectly eliminates the mental clutter that holds people back from reaching their true potential. Thanks for a great post!

    Comment by katyallgeyer — March 16, 2009 @ 2:48 am | Reply

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