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February 4, 2009

Seven out of ten home-based businesses say they can beat the crunch

New survey figures, released by insurer RSA today, show that self-employed home-based professionals are optimistic regarding the performance of their businesses despite the current economic climate.

  • 71% believe they will be able to grow or maintain their level of business during this time of economic downturn
  • 29% of self-employed home-based professionals say general trading conditions for their business are positive, with an additional 38% saying conditions are average or no different to normal
  • Only 8% believe they will definitely not be able to grow or maintain their level of business

RSA’s survey, undertaken in August, interviewed 450 self-employed home-based professionals and found that 29% of respondents described current trading conditions as positive and an additional 38% described conditions as average or no different to normal.

Aaron Devitt, Director of Professional and Financial Risks at RSA, said: “Given the current economic uncertainty we’re experiencing, these survey results are a welcome surprise. They suggest that the present and future do not need to be as bleak as some are predicting. With all this talk about an impending recession, we are in danger of talking ourselves into a situation that is worse than reality. Clearly, in at least one area of the economy, there are reasons for remaining optimistic about future growth.”

To read the complete article released by Pipex Business News go to



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