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May 16, 2008

Do you want more customers?

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Did you know research has shown that 64% of consumers will call a Freephone number first?

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has found that using a Freephone number on an advertising campaign can increase response by up to 40%. This includes adverts in periodicals, local papers and on the web.

The reasons for this trend are self evident. An 0800 number is almost universally seen by consumers as a sign of business stability and shows that you really care about their call.

Using Non Geographic Numbers (of which 0800 are one type) can have other advantages too. If you work from home it protects your private number from public view. You can change where it is diverted to so that if you move offices you don’t have to change all your headed stationary! It also provides a very straightforward way to monitor advertising response as most good suppliers will itemize the calls on your bill. Some people even have different numbers on different ads to test which works best. Again a good supplier will list calls to each number separately and some will provide numbers on no minimum contract so that you can change your set up as often as you like.

One of the problems for small businesses in the past has been the set up cost of these systems, often combined with high monthly call requirements. However it is now possible to get 0800 numbers with no set up charge and no minimum contract or call charges from as little as £2 per month. Increasing numbers of SOHO’s are benefiting from this method of improving advertising response.

To set up an 0800 number quickly and easily on a domestic rated phone line follow the link


Users on business rated lines should call our free helpline on 0800 298 3019.


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