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May 13, 2008

Solving the energy price crisis one household at a time.

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Price rises are already affecting every household and yesterday British Gas announced that it is probably going to put prices up yet again.

OK, maybe this isn’t news to anybody but it’s the real stories behind these facts that interest me as a Utility Consultant.

I’d like to tell you about an elderly couple I met last week. They had just had a letter from their gas and electric supplier saying that their monthly direct debit was going to be put up by £17 per month despite the fact that their account was in credit by over £100. This couple are pensioners in their 80’s and on a fixed income so this increase presented a very real problem to them and more importantly after spending hours on the phone they still couldn’t get thier supplier to explain the situation to them in a way they could understand.

Fortunately they had been given my card by a friend, who encouraged them to give me a call.

As they were local to me I visited them at home. I spent about an hour with them going through their bills, which they were finding confusing, and explaining their options to them. In the end I was able to arrange for their current supplier to pay them back the £127 credit which they had built up. I also arranged to switch them to a new energy supplier which should save them around £100 a year and which provides them with easy to understand monthly bills so that they can keep a real eye on their spending. Also, despite recent price increases across all suppliers, this switch has enabled them to keep their direct debits down to a level much closer to what they were spending last year.

In this case the savings may not seem enormous but it has made a real difference to their quality of life and they know that in the future they can just pick up the phone to call me if they are having problems.

So if in your travels you come across anyone who has just had their direct debits increased, or who is finding their bills hard to understand or manage, then have them call me. I will provide them with an individual report that will help them make sense of their situation and give them real peace of mind.

And of course I and the happy piggy bank can usually help them save money too!


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